Kono shounen wa koko? Chapter 1


A very easy going and bright person Hanakuru Kanae. A 19 year old boy who tends to be in the background and with no friends or siblings or family to speak of. Quite sad, yes, but he doesn’t let it get to him. Enjoying his life optimistically, and just merely existing through his only one true passion which is that he loves reading. (And is a very down low genius) He particularly likes romances. Finds himself inside the story of one of his beloved books. The story of how the main character falls in love with another man. Even though he has the cutest girlfriend. And he loves her too.

But he’s still in the background?


The teachers lesson today is so boring. I need a book. I wished I brought a spare. I knew that I would finish this book today too. I should’ve listened to my instincts. They are always on point.

But well, I guess I should bide my time by thinking about that last story-!

Kufufufu… That guy was so cute, gods, I ship him so hard with that other dude. But but, that girl was cute. I feel really bad for her! But uh… I do not support polygamy! There can only be one!

-ring ring-

Ah, it’s the bell, I guess it’s time to leave. Was I thinking that much? I didn’t think my thought lasted that long.

Smiling happily to myself I head towards the next class. It’s Home Ec! I can’t wait to eat some food. Haha.



Huh? That girl bumped into me… I think… I’m falling?  Uhm? Why is it taking so long? I was on the stairs but still… What?


Grumbling, I wake up. Huh? Where am I? Looking around I notice school uniforms that weren’t my owns. Who are these people? I’m.. In a desk? Looking down at myself I notice myself in the same uniform as the other students here.


… It appears…. What?

My head hurts..?


I need to go somewhere. I try to get up as fast as I could. Maybe some fresh air would be good?

I don’t know this school… Where am I?

Ah! A bathroom. I need to see what I look like..

Am I a different person?….

Mmm yea? I am a different person.

Pinching my cheeks I stare at myself just to see if something would change.


Nope. Nothing.

I used to have dark-brown hair and light-blue eyes with an average typical Japanese face, but now I have black, and I mean black hair. My eyes are now a dark dark blue..

And I think I got slightly better looking?

.. But wait. I think the original me is still here. Just mixed with something else.

Ok. Well.. Distracting myself has helped to calm myself down. I’m good. I’m good. I’m fine?

So uh now. Where am i?

“Raiyuu~ Don’t take too long in there ok?”

.. Raiyuu?

“I got it, bastard. Just shut up. And you don’t have to follow me fucking everywhere.”

“Aw. Don’t be like that. Someone has to watch over you.”

… Raiyuu? …

Karado Raiyuu, main character to one of the cutest romance stories I have ever read. Karado Raiyuu was both a love interest and rival character adored by many fans. Even though he was what you might say as the typical tsudere character, but he was so much more. And it wasn’t his fault. The character Raiyuu, had the most tragic backstory I have ever read in a character. I understand why he is like what he is. He had to grow up that way. And now that same Raiyuu is in the flesh and blood. Does that mean I’m in the book, Hoshizora (Star-Filled Sky)? What?

This thought process took 0.01 seconds to complete.

“Ah. There was someone in here?”

That Raiyuu, exactly like what his artworks looked like and fully embodying the descriptions of that same Raiyuu from the book.

Is now in front of me, in the flesh.

My absolute favorite character too. Is now, in front of me.

If not for the fact that I have just realized that I have somehow been transported to the world of a book and that my favorite character is in front of me.

I would have been grinning at my situation and laughing.

Every reader’s dream, to be in the world of a book.

And well, the shock was too big.

I passed out in front of that Raiyuu.


*A/N: I think I used “I” too much, and I realize that, buts this is really how the character talks. Its just “boku” “boku”. And well, its just him now. It gets better late, probably ~