Well. Whatever Chapter 2

This new world that I have entered… 

It’s so refreshing.

While a strong breeze blew by that made me hold my hair down. I calmly looked around. 

It appears they I’m on a hill. There is only grassland around. I’m in a great plain it seems. There’s a forest a ways over there. . . Hehe.

This world is clean and refreshing. Smiling widely, I lay down in the soft grass. Looking at the brilliant sky above me. 

Ah~ so relaxing. My old world could never compare to this. 

Agh! That aho-Kami. I wonder what kind of skills he left for me. Sigh. There’s no helping it I guess. But I wonder if this world works with the thing known as a leveling system? Well, no harm in checking.


Saying those words out loud, and actually status screen showed itself in front of me. Woah. Interesting. Hmm.

  • Name: Ayumi 
  •  Level:999 

Wait what?! Level 999? That aho-kami. How am I supposed to learn. How am I supposed to adapt. One of the biggest things in these type of situations where one is reborn into a new world is that they start off at level 1. Which is both bad and good. And the good parts really outweigh the bad. If you start at lvl1 it gives you a chance to gain experience and evolve. And I was hoping to evolve and train and do all that! I love RPGs! Sigh. I guess it can’t be helped. Being super OP isn’t bad. Lets just continue reading. 

  • Name: Ayumi
  • Level: 999
  • Species- Celestial
  • HP-MAX (999,999,999)
  • MP-MAX(999,999,999)
  • STR-MAX(999,999,999
  • MAGIC-MAX(999,999,999
  • DEF-MAX(999,999,999)
  • RESISTANCE-MAX(999,999,999)

…………. Hey……… Can…. I even die? Oh my god. Whats… With all my stats oh my god. What? That dumb god. What’s the point of me even being here? Am I even human? What’s with my species?! It doesn’t even say human? ..

What the fuck, is celestial? Celestial? As in celestial being? Doesn’t that make me a god? 

… Sigh. Let’s just see what else I can do. Geh (-__-)

  • Skills: 

Magic Manipulator: As one who has transcended into the celestial plain. The mere manipulation of mana is child’s play. With this skill one can use magic in any way they so wish. 

  • Elemental manipulation possible
  • Space magic possible
  • Healing magic possible 
  • Be Creative 

So…. These are the magics I can use.. Hm.. I wonder how I can use them? Oh wait? This next skill?

Knowledge of All: As one who has transcended into the celestial realm. Knowledge of Everything has been acquired. The concept of how to use mana, how to fight, how to kill, etc. Eveything is now known and understood.

.. Wha. This skill is just overpowered and I know how to do everything? 

Thinking and searching through my brain I realize I can do pretty much everything. Wow. This skill I like. So thank you aho-kami. You aren’t that dumb. Let’s continue.

Combat Mastership: As one who has transcended into the celestial realm. The instinct to fight and defend in combat is automatically inherited.

Woah… I was thinking I might need to test my body and skills to see its limits. But with the previous 2 skills. I don’t have to.

  • Titles:

Logic is the Rule: One who thinks and analyses the situation for the best possible outcomes.

Wayward Kindness: One who is kind to those in need of it. Showing great compassion to those you want to, including strangers.

The unfeeling heart: One who can do the merciless without restraint. If it is needed and required, then it will be done.

These titles… They seem to have come from my personality itself. That God is better at analyzing then I imagined. He got my personality down to the point.

Now that everything is resolved and reviewed. I wonder where I am exactly. According to my knowledge I’m in an area known as the Cordonte Plains. .. I guess I’ll just head to the forest for now and casually explore.