Scene Picture for Well Whatever

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Also. Scene is from Chapter 3.Mou Iiya Scene PicAyumi’s hair is dark brown. And thats her legendary starting outfit. ~

Henri has tattoos. From ***** **** *** *****.

Enjoy another story~ by me :D

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A shounen



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I will be learning japanese soon ! Muwahah! (evil laugh)

Gosh so sorry, my wonderful fans, but onto more serious matters. I will be learning my beloved language of japanese soon, and I will attempt to translate novels in the near future. Kufufu. So many books that need translation.. And I will be attempting to translate them! Muwhahaha. I will be attending college in the near future, and hand in hand with my classes, I will learn japanese.

I know a decent amount of japanese.

Enough to watch anime without subs and still no what the heck is going on.


“Yokata, Ryuu-kun daijobu? Anata… kagashinaide?”

“Un, Miri, ore wa daijobu. Kimi, hekki?”

“un un, watashi wa hekki”

“…. Miri..”

“… Ryuu-kun.. mmmf… Yamate.. Hanase.”

“Demo, Miri wa kwaii to sexy.”

“Choto! Ryuu-kun. Ryuu-kun no hentai!”

“Oi oi.”

And SCENE lol.

Thats a good demonstration of my japanese. And sorry for any mispellings. I learned japanese from hearing, so I’m spelling the romaji based on my hearing and memory, but I will officailly engage in the language soon! So wish me future luck! kfufufu

The reincarnation of a fearful boy. Prologue and Chapter 1

“What’s?! Hoshi-sama, another story?!” Yeah. Another, and so sorry about any errors. I had to post this from my phone. And the internet I have now is limited and my phones dying sorry guys sorry

The prologue is pretty short, so I added it with chapter 1. So enjoy!


Where.. Am I.It’s dark, but it feels good.

This place isn’t scary, I can… Rest in here.

Wherever here is.

When I move around, I feel both wet and not wet at the same time.

Where am I ?

My last memory was…. Death.

If this is where those who die end up. I am ok. I’m fine with that. Its… comfy here.

I’m … Tired.

I will just sleep now.
Chapter 1

“Honey, honey. It’s time!”

“Wh-What do you mean it’s time?! What do you mean?!”

The woman grabs the man by his collar so hard, that he starts choking. If she doesn’t let go, he might die.

“This is the fucking 3rd time! If I say it’s time. What the fuck do you think I mean?! You pathetic husband now go get the fucking Doctor!”

The man, father, realizing his mistake runs away to get the doctor. Half in love for his newborn child, and half in fear of his pregnant wife.


The woman, her water having been broken, collapses on the floor.

After mere moments, the father runs in with a woman in a white coat following immediately behind him.

“Eliza, I’m here! Gregor, get the towels and the necessities! You know what to do. Come Eliza lets go.”

The doctor then flicks her fingers together, and immediately her, and Eliza transfer to a new room.

“Ahhhh! It’s coming! ”

“Yes! It is! I can already see his or her’s head!”

“I’m back! I’ve got the supplies!”

“Put them right next to me!”

“It’s coming! Give me one more hard push!”


The cries of life were heard throughout the entire town.



My warm and dark world, it’s gone.

I see light, and that’s all I see.

I can’t make anything out.

And… I’m so tired.

Back to sleep
“It’s .. It’s a boy! He isn’t crying? That’s a first. I think he’s still sleeping. Although I’ve already checked him out. He is perfectly healthy! I wonder why he’s still sleeping though.”

“Thank you Doctor Mira. And he isn’t crying? He might be a quiet child then. Thank goodness. Judging from my last two sons-”

“Mama, I’m back! We heard that the new baby came ! Is it a boy! Is it a girl! I don’t care! I’m a big brother now! Hahaha!”

Bursting in from the door was the second son, Viktor.

“Viktor! The baby just came out! Mother is probably tired, so calm down.”

Following after him was the first son, William.

“Yea yea yea. I know Will. I’m just.. Excited. I’m a big brother now too. And I’m going to a good one!”

“Pffft. Ok Viktor. ”

“Oi! No laughing!”

Giving Viktor a firm pat on the head, William goes forward to see his new baby brother.

“Hm? He’s not crying? After Viktor was born, I was expecting something much worse after him. Viktor was so loud I had to get out of the room.”

“Oi. Shut up! Don’t talk about that!”

“Haha. I know right? I was expecting a heavy crier too. But no, he’s rather quiet. And he’s just went back to sleep. His name is Lukas. Hi Lukas. These are your brothers, Viktor and William.”

Fast Forward 1 Month.
Lukas, that is my name. It’s been one month since I’ve reincarnated.

That warm space I felt and was in before, it was simply my mother’s womb. After leaving it, my past memories came back.

I was once, Yamada Kyouhei, someone who died at the young age of 21.

I remember it all now, although.

I don’t really care, I don’t regret, I don’t feel anything.

I simply feel… Content at my past life.

I wonder if this life…. Is worth something ?

It’s my turn to babysit Luke today! Yay! Mother is busy with cooking, father is busy with work, and Will-nii is busy with his school activities. He’s probably jealous right now. Our little brother is so cute, but that same cute little brother, is a little weird.

Ever since he came out, he hasn’t cried once. Nothing, no sound at all. He hasn’t said anything.

The doctor said he is healthy so no one really worried about it.

When Lukas was born he didn’t open his eyes, he only opened his eyes right after a couple days passed.

The whole family was worried, so when he finally opened them we were all pretty happy.

But.. I think mother, father, and brother all know this.

Lukas is afraid of all of us, the moment he opened his eyes.

We all saw the fear in his eyes, like he expected us to do something bad to him.

Mother and everyone else aren’t saying anything, but I’m sure they think it’s really weird and hurting.

Their prized child and our cute little brother is afraid of us.

Why? He shouldn’t be that aware.

Maybe Lukas is special?

“Heya Lukas! What’s up little brother?”

Ah~ There’s the look, he’s afraid of me.

Come on come on! I’m not scary. I’m only 13 you know, in those standards. I’m still around your age!

Big bro is 16, there’s no way he is going to get closer to you then me.

“Hey Lukas,”

I lean over his crib and wave my hands in his faces

“I’m not going to hurt you. Neither is mother or father or big brother. So you don’t have to be afraid. I love you. You are family and we all love you. So don’t be afraid?”

I reach out my hand to him, but what am I thinking? He’s barely a year old. It’s not like anythings going to happen.


My brother… He knows that I’m scared.. He is trying to reach me, but what should I do.. This has never happened to me before.

In my past life as, Yamada Kyouhei, I was… Abused by my parents, badly. Everyday, from the time I could remember, I was always hurt. And with time, I realized that it was tiring to feel anything. It was tiring to expect anything. And so, my emotions were then deleted.

This… Is a new life. I know. I know that these people aren’t my parents from before. I should expect more from them, but I couldn’t.

I… Had hope that they weren’t the same, but it soon turned into fear.

And right now, my second oldest brother is saying all this.

I can tell he is nice.

I can tell he loves me.

I can tell, they all do.

My new family.

I want to love them too.

Ah~ he didn’t reach for my hand. I was hoping he did, he didn’t grab it like all babies do.

.. ?!

Lukas, he, he , he, grabbed my hand.

“W.. Mm.. Waahhhh!”

He’s crying, and he’s not letting go of my hand. He’s crying! He’s finally feeling something.

“There there. You don’t have to cry Lukas. Onii-chan is here for you.”

I’m rocking Lukas back and forth and trying to calm him down, but he’s still crying.


Mother, Father, and Big Brother come bursting in!

“I-I heard crying. And was wondering who, but is it really Lukas?”

Yeah, it is. Look, he won’t stop crying and holding onto me.”

“Thank goodness..! Lukas.. Always felt distant, he never cried or did anything and he looked and felt afraid of us..”

“Eliza, look, he’s crying, that means he needs us. Oho.”

Mother fell down on her knees in worry, father is there and is supporting her up.

Yes, everything’s gotten pretty normal now.

Oh? Lukas finally calmed down and is sleeping on my shoulder now.

He’s still clinging to me.

Aww! So cute, Onii-chan is not letting go!


… I wonder why, but ever since Aniki came in and saw me holding Lukas, he’s been giving me the coldest glare ever.





Haha! Be jealous Aniki, Lukas loves me more!

Well Whatever Chapter 5

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Well, Whatever chapter 5
(A/N: well well well, it’s been awhile. I am back! And ready to write more of my stories especially this! I have some cute cute really cute image of the scene in chapter 4 with Ayumi and Henri-kun. Kufufufufu. I got my artist friend to do me a drawing, paid of course. It shall be seen soon. Kinda short. Sorry )
The search magic I invoked has found Henri, but he is not alone. There is someone else with him. They do not appear to be fighting, but.. What is going on?
I run- rush – towards Henri-kun. He isn’t moving, something is happening.

I do not know what.

The trees past by in a blur, my enhanced body easily trespass the rough terrain of this forest, and alas.

I find him.

Who is this girl? That is across from him.

As I draw closer I begin to hear what they are conversing about.

The girl, she’s crying and screaming at Henri-kun.

“I’ve found you! Now, I’ve got to kill you now. Now come here and let me kill you.”

This girls face is so twisted and psychotic.

She unnerves even me.

Henri’s… Back is to me, I cannot see his face.

Are you okay?

This girl appears to be part of the group that helped attacked Henri-kun. Judging from what I have heard thus far, these two appear to be quite close… Possible lovers?

“I can’t possibly show my face to the village now! They’ll think I knew about what you were! You monster! They’ll kill me and condemn! Unless I bring back your head! I’ll kill you!”

This girl.. Is so fucking annoying. My eye twitches just listening to more of her disgusting rabble.

I make a swift motion with my arm in the direction of the girl.

“Girl, just [Sleep].”

She instantly becomes unconscious.


Henri… Hasn’t moved once..

I tread carefully closer to him, and slowly make my way around to see his face.

It’s utter devastation.

“.. A-Ayumi-sama.. I-I deeply apologize..”

“It’s … Ok to cry. I see.”

I gently put my hand to his face, and the instant it touches his face, he completely breaks into tears.

“There there. It’s ok.”

I gently pat his back and hold him in a tender embrace.

He thus begins to speak and explain about everything.


It’s as I surmised.

He told me he has been alive for a good awhile, and that he hated being alone and wanted some company. And so went forward with his plan to pretend to be a human. It worked too, for awhile at least. He met that girl in the same village and began a romance with her. Henri… thought she would accept the fact that he wasn’t human.

His thoughts were wrong, she immediately flew into a panic.

Everyone in the village soon knew.

Henri-kun had enough power to easily take them all down.. But he couldn’t possibly bring himself to hurt his friends..


“Are you well enough now, Henri-kun? Let us be on our way.”

Henri-kun simply nodded and follows my lead, and remembers about that girl.

She’s still sleeping, on the dirty ground. Perfectly fitting her dirty face.

“And I’ll send her to your village. Now come.”

I nonchalantly wave my hand in her direction. And just teleport her to the nearest village.

A few feet from the ground.

Enjoy the pain to your head.

And I hope your body wasn’t that weak that a couple meters from the air headfirst will kill you.

“You aren’t alone now, yes? I’ll be here for you, as a friend and I guess, your master.”

Henri-kun, upon hearing my words, returned it with a clear and bright smile.

The stars and me 

(Here’s another poem? ^~^)

The night brings such comfort,


For I am finally not alone.

In the nights, 

The stars they shine. 

Their ever so bright light.

Their numerous lights.

I have friends finally. 

I don’t need anything else.

It is always ok with just me and the stars. 

I do not need more, 

It’s just the stars I need. 

Even if I want more,

There is no one,

Who will understand.

No one tries except the stars.

I am happy. 

It continues, But I stay

(Hi hi, it’s been awhile, life happens yea? And I like writing poems in the off chance. So here’s a poem.)
The rain falls,

But only I see it splash.

The sky moves onward,

But I cannot see it move.

The stars they shine,

But where is the light? 

The darkness comes with the night, 

Ah, sweet bliss I feel in the all encompassing darkness. 

This darkness fills only the void,

Why can’t others fill the void?

Why must it be,

Darkness only? 

Kono shounen wa koko? Sutorii wa Romance? Chapter 1 

A very nice guy and bright kind of person, Hanakuru Kanae. A 17 year old boy who tends to be in the background and with no friends or siblings or family to speak of. Quite sad, yes, but he doesn’t let it get to him. Enjoying his life optimistically, and just merely existing through his only one true passion which is that he loves reading. (And is a very down low genius) He particularly likes romances. Finds himself inside the story of one of his beloved books. The story of how the main character falls in love with another man. Even though he has the cutest girlfriend. And he loves her too.
But he’s still in the background? 

The teachers lesson today is so boring. I need a book to read. Ugh. I wished I brought an extra! I knew that I would finish this book today too. I should’ve listened to my instincts. They are always right, but I always start doubting them. 
But well, I guess I should bide my time by thinking about that last story I read. It was so cute! Gotta love love.
-ring ring-
Ah, it’s the bell, I guess it’s time to leave. Was I thinking that much? I didn’t think my thought lasted that long. 
Smiling happily to myself I head towards the next class, which happens to be Home Ec! I can’t wait to eat some food. Haha.
-bump- -shove-
Ah! That girl bumped into me. Ugh. I was walking up the stairs. This fall might hurt.



I think… I’m falling? Uhm? Why is it taking so long? I was on the stairs but still… 


Grumbling and mumbling to myself, I wake up from what feels like a deep sleep. Ah~! That was a nice dream! I was just reading that super good book, Hoshizora (Star-Filled Sky) 

“Hey, Kimura-San. Wha-!!” 

Huh? Where is Kimura-San? He sat next to me. I always asked him for help when I didn’t pay attention, but… 

Where am I? Looking around I notice school uniforms that weren’t my owns. Who are these people? I’m.. Looking down at myself I  notice myself in the same uniform as the other students here.

Wait. My last thought was of falling down the stairs…. 

Wasn’t that a dream?
… It felt real…. What? 
My head hurts..? 
I need to go somewhere. To calm down. Anywhere, somewhere, it doesn’t matter. I just need to go somewhere. 

I try to get up as fast as I could. Maybe some fresh air would be good? 
I don’t know this school… Where am I? I’m lost.!..

Ah! A bathroom. I need to see what I look like.. I feel different..
Am I a different person?…. 
Mmm yea… 

I am a different person. 
Pinching my cheeks I stare at myself just to see if something would change. 
Nope. Nothing. Nothing changed. I’m someone else, but I still kind of resemble myself?
I used to have dark-brown hair and light-blue eyes with an average typical Japanese face, but now I have black, and I mean black hair. My eyes are now a dark dark blue.. 
And I think I got slightly better looking? 
.. But well, my original specs was pretty low. So I don’t think I’m that eye catching.

I clap my cheeks to get myself settled.

Well.. Distracting myself has helped to calm myself down. I’m good. I’m good. I’m fine?
So uh now. Where am i? 
“Raiyuu~ Don’t take too long in there ok?”
.. Raiyuu?
“I got it, bastard. Just shut up. And you don’t have to follow me fucking everywhere.” 
“Aw. Don’t be like that. Someone has to watch over you.” 
… Raiyuu? …
Karado Raiyuu, main character to one of the cutest romance stories I have ever read. Karado Raiyuu was both a love interest and rival character adored by many fans. Even though he was what you might say as the typical tsudere character, but he was so much more. And it wasn’t his fault. The character Raiyuu, had the most tragic backstory I have ever read in a character. I understand why he is like what he is. He had to grow up that way. And now that same Raiyuu is in the flesh and blood. Does that mean I’m in the book, Hoshizora (Star-Filled Sky)? What? 
This thought process took 0.01 seconds to complete. 
“Ah. There was someone in here?” 
That Raiyuu, exactly like what his artworks looked like and fully embodying the descriptions of that same Raiyuu from the book. 
Is now in front of me, in the flesh. The dark brown hair that could be mistaken for black that has been dyed blonde at the tips. Angular black-grey eyes with a masculine face. All angles and sharp lines.
He is My favorite character too. And he is Now in front of me. After learning about what happened in his past. I always wanted to be his friends! A person who could be his support in life! 
If not for the fact I’m in the world of a book. 
I would have been grinning at my situation and laughing. 
Every reader’s dream, to be in the world of a book. 
And well, the shock of that  was too big. 
I passed out in front of that Karado Raiyuu. 

Teaser [POV- unknown]

There is blood. Why is there blood everywhere? Where is she? What happened? What is going on?

Why are you dead? You should have survived! This isn’t my fault! I never wanted this. I never wanted this. 

It’s not my fault.

“Y-You…. H-Help….. Please.. You… Can save… Her.. There… Chance… Go… Not.. Fault..”

Even in death and knowing I did this. You will still smile for me? I’m so sorry. It’s not my fault. Not my fault. 

Save her? She is still here?

Running. Running. I must hurry.

I have to run. I never wanted this. I never wanted her to be hurt. 

Where are you.



That scream. That voice. What’s happened? 

Please… Don’t die… Be ok..

Run run. I am running and yet i can’t find you. I am trying so hard. Please. Don’t..


There I have found you..!

She. Is not ok. Holding his body in her arms.

She saw. She saw it happen. She wasn’t supposed to see it.


She turns my way, her eyes streaming with tears. Full of such sadness, but there is anger as well. 

“You! You did this! You. Will. Pay. For this! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

In anger she has lost her calm, her reasoning. I have never seen her so angry… 

The world… It’s shattering.

Is this her full strength? 

I should have never have done it. 

The sky.

It shatters.

The earth.

It disintegrates.

Screaming and unleashing her all. 

Her power.. It’s for me. It’s reaching for me.

It’s coming here.

That’s good.

I need to die. 

My body.

It shatters.

My soul.

It dies.


Peace at last. 

The voices have stopped.

This sweet eternal darkness is bliss. 

I didn’t mean to. 

It’s not my fault. 

I didn’t want… Any of this!!

My heart… Is dead. 


Hoshiandme- This is a teaser. May it be for an existing story or a new story. That is to be announced in future posts. Maybe a new chapter? Maybe a new story? 

I will not give the answer just sit and wait. For it will be awhile. This shall be a teaser for what is to come.

(I had to post this. It may have been too early. But I had to. This scene has replayed in my mind. I must type it. I had to type it and share my shine in this scene. Kono sutorii wa subarashii, ne? Watashi no fans, warui ne? Kono sutorii no mirai wa chotto mabushii desu yo.)