Life isn’t just that Chapter 3

He just keeps looking at me. 

I know I’m strange and that I’m a complete stranger, but that doesn’t mean you should just stare at me consistently. I’m not an extroverted person, so I am getting shy. 


Ah! He just winced. Did it hurt too much? Are you alright?

I would ask him, but it’s much better if I just continue walking. Talking might be hard on him with those injuries to his throat…

Wait a minute?! 

Those look like hand prints? Did someone try to choke him? Oh my god. Who would go that far. 

This man.. Doesn’t seem like a bad fellow. Why are you under such horrific circumstances? What happened? Are you ok? 


She keeps looking at me. 

I guess she noticed my staring. What comes around goes around, yea? 

She’s looking at my throat. Some sort of realization just happened as I watched her face and noticed it. 

… Ah.. She saw the marks. 

Yea. Someone tried to choke me. 

She looks so sad. 

Please don’t look at me with that expression. It makes me feel so ashamed at myself. I’m just a piece of shit. You don’t even need to give a damn about this worthless pile of shit. So please stop. Can you smile, yea? 




We seemed to have finally stopped. 

Is this her house? It’s looks really nice. Nice atmosphere, nice everything. 

She’s taking out her keys and opens the door. 

“Welcome home, Nee-chan!”

A little boy comes out and says.

The minute he sees me though, he freezes up and backs up a little. 

“Nee-chan… Who’s that?”

“Prepare the bath please, Kyouhei.”

“Hai~ Nee-chan.”

The little kid runs out. 

Are you kidding me? You are giving me a bath? So much care for someone you don’t know. 

Everything in this house looks modern and not poor at all. 

The woman sets me down on her couch. 

“Mmm.your injuries…. I would like to take care of them now, but you were just outside in the rain.”

She’s checking the injuries on my face and has such a pained look.

Your face, hurts me more then my wounds. 

” And you do need to clean out the wounds. Would it be alright if you take a bath first? I’ll see what I can do about clothes. So bath?” 

“…. Why are you doing this? You don’t even fucking know me. Is it pity? I don’t need your fucking pity.” 

Ah. I’m the worst. She’s gonna kick me out now, yea? I am such trash.

“No. It’s not pity. I just wanted to help.” 

She says all this and then gives the brightest smile I have ever seen. It’s like the shining of a star in the pitch black night. 

Always beaming and glowing, and it’s glowing just for me. 

“Nee-chan! The baths ready!” 

“Yes, thank you Kyouhei. Would you care showing our guest to the bathroom?”

“Hai hai. Follow me please.”

This kid…. Kyouhei? Takes my hand and gently pulls me along the way. 

“Careful Kyouhei. He’s a bit hurt so careful ok?”


AUTHOR NOTE: I don’t know if I can take it. But criticisms on my writing if you will. >.> I’m very weak to judgement . Gosh it’s scary so go easy on me please. But how’s it’s?