Life isn’t just that Chapter 2 

He looks really bad. 

He has injuries everywhere. His face  has numerous scratches on it. Such dark brown hair and.. His eyes. 

They look like they are about to just give up on life. He needs help. And I will help him.

“Are you ok?”

I reach out and ask him. ..!. His eyes gained back their vitality a bit. He looks like he sees me…. But he isn’t doing anything. Just staring at me. 

“Hey, are you ok?” 

I ask for the second time.

He’s getting really wet. 

I try to ease some of the rain off of him by putting my umbrella over him. 

He still hasn’t said anything. 

I look at him and try to convince him with just my eyes that it is ok.




He takes my hand. That’s so good. 

I take his hand and lift him up from the ground. I try to shoulder him as best as I can. He’s limping. I must hurry home 


This girl.. Is strange.

I’m a complete stranger and yet.. 

She’s trying to help me so earnestly. Even to go so far as to try and hold my weight. 

She’s struggling a bit, somehow she’s managing. She’s kinda strong, eh? 

She’s leading me somewhere. Is it a hospital? I don’t… Have a medical insurance card. 

We just keep walking, it’s been about 10 minutes. I’ve been glancing at her since we started walking. She is really calm and not doing anything. 

Gah!.. It hurts. 

The woman notices my pain and winces with me.

Oi, Oi. Don’t make that face. I’m the one that’s hurt.

It pains me when I see your hurt face.

We’ve just met and barely spoken. Why am I feeling … All this? Even thought it’s been only moments. I keep watching her. 

I wonder what’s she thinking about ..? I’m just a strange guy. You don’t need to help me.