Life isn’t just that Chapter 1


A boy on deaths door lying broken on a street.

A girl just out on an errand to a store. 

She finds the boy. And through a sudden, no pity or harsh feelings, realization. She takes him in. 

And so begins the fate of the 2 who met by chances. The harsh harsh world the not lived in. Can the girl heal and help him? Will she?

“Oh it’s raining.” 

I love the rain! It’s so wondrous, yes? It’s like a giant bath for the world. . . Although this thinking is a bit weird. But whatever. I am just me and who cares what others think! And this rain is so gentle. I reach out and let a few drops splash into my hand. Haha. I giggle to myself. The rains a perfect opportunity to use my very special umbrella as well. It has cute penguins on it, but only when wet. When it’s dry, it’s a rather ominous black umbrella. It’s neat. I start heading out of the conveince store, umbrella in hand, but …..what’s this? A man is just sitting under this rain. . . He looks really bad. I’m quite worried. I look around and see if anyone’s helping or maybe someone knows him? …. Nothing… Well what gives! Everyone’s so horrid. Just like this world. 


Ah~~ it’s raining huh? 

I’m… Going go to die here right? 

If I just fall asleep here…

I probably won’t wake up again. 

Ugh… It hurts to move. It hurts so much. Maybe it’s time to go?

“Hey, are you ok?”


A voice? Whose? Who on earth would talk to me? Especially around here no one should know me. I ran as far as I could. 

I wearily open my eyes. A woman with black hair and blue eyes. She has pale skin.. She’s beautiful. Why is your hand stretched out? You don’t know me.

What are you after? Is it pity? I don’t need your fucking pity. 

Her eyes and face… Don’t look like pity. She seems like she truly wants to help. 

Should I really take this hand?

“Hey.. Are you ok?” 

She’s not even waiting for an answer anymore. She is getting closer to me and holding her umbrella out towards me. 

… You’re getting wet, you know? 



I reach my hand out and take her hand.


Author note: The meeting of these two is like fate, yes?