Well. Whatever. Chapter 1


Kotohara Ayumi. A relative loner with no friends is suddely chosen by a stupi-!- uh stupendous God for reasons unknown. A loner by choice really not circumstance. She wasn’t mean , but wasn’t a wuss. A more I don’t care kind of girl. Suddenly in this new world. 

It’s refreshing? 

(Just what will she do with her cheat) 

Uhm… Um… 
Where am I? 

It’s very.. Dark. Where on earth am I? Wait! Am I even on earth? Everything looks black. It’s endless darkness? 

What the heck?! 

I remember just taking a nap after I finished reading a book. Where am I?.. 

“Ohohoho. You seem to have woken.”

This voice.. That laughter. An old man? Turning around expecting to see an old man, I see a rather young person. A handsome man. Silver hair, blue eyes, and rather fit.

Geh. If you look good then why are you laughing and talking like an old man. Sigh 

“Hey hey. What’s with that disappointing look.”

Geh. I swear to god if this is one of those. “Go to a new world and save it” routes. 

I’ll say no. 

“Hey hey. Say something? Hello?”

“Sigh. Who are you?”

Crossing my arms and showing the utmost irritation on my face. 

“My my. Ayumi-chan. Calm down. This isn’t what you think it is. -”

“You mean that this isn’t the case where you happen to be some kind of God and send me to a new world. And somehow incidentally. I end up changing the world drastically due to my actions in this new world due to you in fact sending me to this world.”

“Umu.. Well.-” 

“Don’t play and mess with me. Aho-kami. Don’t underestimate my logistical analysis of the current situation due to usage of my prior knowledge from many anime and light novels. And by currently re-evaluating everything. I don’t believe I have a choice. And you are just going to send me anyway. So. Aho-Kami. What are you going to do. And what do you want.”

Giving him a glare. I address the current matters. 

“Oi. Aho-kami-kun. Why are you not saying anything? Huh?!”

Picking him up by his collar. I threaten this stupid god. He wasn’t saying anything and was sweating his holy balls off. I’m not that threatening.

Only when I want to be. And when I’m dealing with stupid people. 

“..ehahah. Look like you get eveything. But before we continue.. Can you put me down?…….. Please?”

Tch. This stupid god.

“Get on with it.”

“Yes yes yes. Well Ayumi-chan-!”

“Don’t call me Ayumi-“chan”. Either San or sama is acceptable. You stupid god. ”

“Eh. Yes yes. Well then Ayumi-sama. I just.. Wanted to send you to another world..  For uh fun.”

….. Sigh. Holding my head in irritation. This stupid god can’t lie for shits sake. 

Well. Luckily for him. My old life was annoying. 

I am apparently quite beautiful. And it wasn’t my fault that men and boys alike would fall victim to the helpless and beautiful 17 year old girl that i am. Even if I didn’t care for them whatsoever. I don’t quite like people. And it so happened that the most popular boy in my school also fell victim. 

The girls couldn’t stand that, so in retaliation they decided to gang up on me. Harass and bully me. And when they got physical. 

I got physical. 

They underestimated me. Those slutty cunts. 

They knew they had to backdown. I was eventually shunned by everyone in the school.

Mostly by fear and not the girls influence. 

I didnt have friends anyway. So it didn’t change much. 

Also, I don’t have a family. They left me in an orphanage when I was 4. They said they were coming back. 

They never did.

Hm. Contemplating all this. 

A new world would be rather refreshing. Hm. I might as well take this offer.

Also, to note, while I was thinking of my past. The stupid god was sitting in seiza. 

He’s not stupid. He knows how to treat someone of a higher realm of intelligence then him. Knowing better then to try and interrupt my thinking. 

Even if he was lying about his reasons for sending me to another world. I actually don’t really care now that I think about it. 

“Aho-Kami. I’ll take you up on your offer. Send me to this other world you speak of.”

“H-Huh?! Really?! Ok! Thank you very much Ayumi-sama.” 

Sigh. Just get on with it. And stop holding me hand. 

“Have fun Ayumi-sama!”

After saying those words . He sends me off and everything turns dark.

“I wonder what kind of cheat I should give her. Hmm.”

Oh yeah! I forgot about the cheat! 

Before leaving I hear him utter those words as I disappear.

… This stupid god. Better not have given me something pathetic.