Well Whatever Chapter 5

Hi everyone! Long time no post! And just to let you all know. Umu… My internet is down and I don’t know when I can post again ;-;. I am so sorry. All my friends! So enjoy this chapter and my following post.


Well, Whatever chapter 5
(A/N: well well well, it’s been awhile. I am back! And ready to write more of my stories especially this! I have some cute cute really cute image of the scene in chapter 4 with Ayumi and Henri-kun. Kufufufufu. I got my artist friend to do me a drawing, paid of course. It shall be seen soon. Kinda short. Sorry )
The search magic I invoked has found Henri, but he is not alone. There is someone else with him. They do not appear to be fighting, but.. What is going on?
I run- rush – towards Henri-kun. He isn’t moving, something is happening.

I do not know what.

The trees past by in a blur, my enhanced body easily trespass the rough terrain of this forest, and alas.

I find him.

Who is this girl? That is across from him.

As I draw closer I begin to hear what they are conversing about.

The girl, she’s crying and screaming at Henri-kun.

“I’ve found you! Now, I’ve got to kill you now. Now come here and let me kill you.”

This girls face is so twisted and psychotic.

She unnerves even me.

Henri’s… Back is to me, I cannot see his face.

Are you okay?

This girl appears to be part of the group that helped attacked Henri-kun. Judging from what I have heard thus far, these two appear to be quite close… Possible lovers?

“I can’t possibly show my face to the village now! They’ll think I knew about what you were! You monster! They’ll kill me and condemn! Unless I bring back your head! I’ll kill you!”

This girl.. Is so fucking annoying. My eye twitches just listening to more of her disgusting rabble.

I make a swift motion with my arm in the direction of the girl.

“Girl, just [Sleep].”

She instantly becomes unconscious.


Henri… Hasn’t moved once..

I tread carefully closer to him, and slowly make my way around to see his face.

It’s utter devastation.

“.. A-Ayumi-sama.. I-I deeply apologize..”

“It’s … Ok to cry. I see.”

I gently put my hand to his face, and the instant it touches his face, he completely breaks into tears.

“There there. It’s ok.”

I gently pat his back and hold him in a tender embrace.

He thus begins to speak and explain about everything.


It’s as I surmised.

He told me he has been alive for a good awhile, and that he hated being alone and wanted some company. And so went forward with his plan to pretend to be a human. It worked too, for awhile at least. He met that girl in the same village and began a romance with her. Henri… thought she would accept the fact that he wasn’t human.

His thoughts were wrong, she immediately flew into a panic.

Everyone in the village soon knew.

Henri-kun had enough power to easily take them all down.. But he couldn’t possibly bring himself to hurt his friends..


“Are you well enough now, Henri-kun? Let us be on our way.”

Henri-kun simply nodded and follows my lead, and remembers about that girl.

She’s still sleeping, on the dirty ground. Perfectly fitting her dirty face.

“And I’ll send her to your village. Now come.”

I nonchalantly wave my hand in her direction. And just teleport her to the nearest village.

A few feet from the ground.

Enjoy the pain to your head.

And I hope your body wasn’t that weak that a couple meters from the air headfirst will kill you.

“You aren’t alone now, yes? I’ll be here for you, as a friend and I guess, your master.”

Henri-kun, upon hearing my words, returned it with a clear and bright smile.

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