The reincarnation of a fearful boy. Prologue and Chapter 1

“What’s?! Hoshi-sama, another story?!” Yeah. Another, and so sorry about any errors. I had to post this from my phone. And the internet I have now is limited and my phones dying sorry guys sorry

The prologue is pretty short, so I added it with chapter 1. So enjoy!


Where.. Am I.It’s dark, but it feels good.

This place isn’t scary, I can… Rest in here.

Wherever here is.

When I move around, I feel both wet and not wet at the same time.

Where am I ?

My last memory was…. Death.

If this is where those who die end up. I am ok. I’m fine with that. Its… comfy here.

I’m … Tired.

I will just sleep now.
Chapter 1

“Honey, honey. It’s time!”

“Wh-What do you mean it’s time?! What do you mean?!”

The woman grabs the man by his collar so hard, that he starts choking. If she doesn’t let go, he might die.

“This is the fucking 3rd time! If I say it’s time. What the fuck do you think I mean?! You pathetic husband now go get the fucking Doctor!”

The man, father, realizing his mistake runs away to get the doctor. Half in love for his newborn child, and half in fear of his pregnant wife.


The woman, her water having been broken, collapses on the floor.

After mere moments, the father runs in with a woman in a white coat following immediately behind him.

“Eliza, I’m here! Gregor, get the towels and the necessities! You know what to do. Come Eliza lets go.”

The doctor then flicks her fingers together, and immediately her, and Eliza transfer to a new room.

“Ahhhh! It’s coming! ”

“Yes! It is! I can already see his or her’s head!”

“I’m back! I’ve got the supplies!”

“Put them right next to me!”

“It’s coming! Give me one more hard push!”


The cries of life were heard throughout the entire town.



My warm and dark world, it’s gone.

I see light, and that’s all I see.

I can’t make anything out.

And… I’m so tired.

Back to sleep
“It’s .. It’s a boy! He isn’t crying? That’s a first. I think he’s still sleeping. Although I’ve already checked him out. He is perfectly healthy! I wonder why he’s still sleeping though.”

“Thank you Doctor Mira. And he isn’t crying? He might be a quiet child then. Thank goodness. Judging from my last two sons-”

“Mama, I’m back! We heard that the new baby came ! Is it a boy! Is it a girl! I don’t care! I’m a big brother now! Hahaha!”

Bursting in from the door was the second son, Viktor.

“Viktor! The baby just came out! Mother is probably tired, so calm down.”

Following after him was the first son, William.

“Yea yea yea. I know Will. I’m just.. Excited. I’m a big brother now too. And I’m going to a good one!”

“Pffft. Ok Viktor. ”

“Oi! No laughing!”

Giving Viktor a firm pat on the head, William goes forward to see his new baby brother.

“Hm? He’s not crying? After Viktor was born, I was expecting something much worse after him. Viktor was so loud I had to get out of the room.”

“Oi. Shut up! Don’t talk about that!”

“Haha. I know right? I was expecting a heavy crier too. But no, he’s rather quiet. And he’s just went back to sleep. His name is Lukas. Hi Lukas. These are your brothers, Viktor and William.”

Fast Forward 1 Month.
Lukas, that is my name. It’s been one month since I’ve reincarnated.

That warm space I felt and was in before, it was simply my mother’s womb. After leaving it, my past memories came back.

I was once, Yamada Kyouhei, someone who died at the young age of 21.

I remember it all now, although.

I don’t really care, I don’t regret, I don’t feel anything.

I simply feel… Content at my past life.

I wonder if this life…. Is worth something ?

It’s my turn to babysit Luke today! Yay! Mother is busy with cooking, father is busy with work, and Will-nii is busy with his school activities. He’s probably jealous right now. Our little brother is so cute, but that same cute little brother, is a little weird.

Ever since he came out, he hasn’t cried once. Nothing, no sound at all. He hasn’t said anything.

The doctor said he is healthy so no one really worried about it.

When Lukas was born he didn’t open his eyes, he only opened his eyes right after a couple days passed.

The whole family was worried, so when he finally opened them we were all pretty happy.

But.. I think mother, father, and brother all know this.

Lukas is afraid of all of us, the moment he opened his eyes.

We all saw the fear in his eyes, like he expected us to do something bad to him.

Mother and everyone else aren’t saying anything, but I’m sure they think it’s really weird and hurting.

Their prized child and our cute little brother is afraid of us.

Why? He shouldn’t be that aware.

Maybe Lukas is special?

“Heya Lukas! What’s up little brother?”

Ah~ There’s the look, he’s afraid of me.

Come on come on! I’m not scary. I’m only 13 you know, in those standards. I’m still around your age!

Big bro is 16, there’s no way he is going to get closer to you then me.

“Hey Lukas,”

I lean over his crib and wave my hands in his faces

“I’m not going to hurt you. Neither is mother or father or big brother. So you don’t have to be afraid. I love you. You are family and we all love you. So don’t be afraid?”

I reach out my hand to him, but what am I thinking? He’s barely a year old. It’s not like anythings going to happen.


My brother… He knows that I’m scared.. He is trying to reach me, but what should I do.. This has never happened to me before.

In my past life as, Yamada Kyouhei, I was… Abused by my parents, badly. Everyday, from the time I could remember, I was always hurt. And with time, I realized that it was tiring to feel anything. It was tiring to expect anything. And so, my emotions were then deleted.

This… Is a new life. I know. I know that these people aren’t my parents from before. I should expect more from them, but I couldn’t.

I… Had hope that they weren’t the same, but it soon turned into fear.

And right now, my second oldest brother is saying all this.

I can tell he is nice.

I can tell he loves me.

I can tell, they all do.

My new family.

I want to love them too.

Ah~ he didn’t reach for my hand. I was hoping he did, he didn’t grab it like all babies do.

.. ?!

Lukas, he, he , he, grabbed my hand.

“W.. Mm.. Waahhhh!”

He’s crying, and he’s not letting go of my hand. He’s crying! He’s finally feeling something.

“There there. You don’t have to cry Lukas. Onii-chan is here for you.”

I’m rocking Lukas back and forth and trying to calm him down, but he’s still crying.


Mother, Father, and Big Brother come bursting in!

“I-I heard crying. And was wondering who, but is it really Lukas?”

Yeah, it is. Look, he won’t stop crying and holding onto me.”

“Thank goodness..! Lukas.. Always felt distant, he never cried or did anything and he looked and felt afraid of us..”

“Eliza, look, he’s crying, that means he needs us. Oho.”

Mother fell down on her knees in worry, father is there and is supporting her up.

Yes, everything’s gotten pretty normal now.

Oh? Lukas finally calmed down and is sleeping on my shoulder now.

He’s still clinging to me.

Aww! So cute, Onii-chan is not letting go!


… I wonder why, but ever since Aniki came in and saw me holding Lukas, he’s been giving me the coldest glare ever.





Haha! Be jealous Aniki, Lukas loves me more!

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