Well Whatever Chapter 4 

“So are you alright? I did my best to heal you. If there’s any discomfort. Please let me know.”

“.. I feel fine. Thank you for worrying about me Ayumi-sama”

Standing up, Henri replies to me. I have to look up, He really is tall.  I only reach up to his chest… Was I always small?

I wonder what he’s going to do now. He said he’ll be my servant, but I asked to be friends… And yet he calls me -sama still… Maa(1), well, it doesn’t matter. 

“Well then, Henri-kun. Let’s be off now? I take it that since you asked to be my servent, you would like to be with me?”

“Ha.” (Tl: very formal yes. Like a drill sergeant to soldier thing. Lol he’s so loyal) 

Aw. He’s cute. Even though he looks like the type who is cold and expressionless. 

Ruffling his hair a bit, I choose a random direction and start moving. 

(Was that a blush I saw?) 


This forest is really big, and I haven’t seen much monsters. Other then that incident before with Henri-kun. It’s rather strange. Is it my aura of power? It could possibly be. 

“… Where..”

It could also be due to it being rather sunny out. Monsters are more active at night anyway.

“….. Where..”

I keep hearing this sound…. What is it? It’s so quiet. My, It’s rather annoying. 

“… -cough- Ayumi-sama. Where might we be going?”

Oh! It was Henri-kun. He seriously needs to be louder. He is rather, surprisingly, shy. Could it be due to me being the first person to accept him for who he is? 

“I don’t quite know. I’m just walking. It’s a pretty random direction. I don’t really have a destination. I’m merely just letting fate lead the way.”

“…I see… If that is so, then may we take a different route? This is the path I took when I ran. I fear that if we continue this route… 

We may run into the people who tried to hurt me again”

“Oh. That would be a bit troublesome.”

Giving a small smile of understanding, I take a sharp turn and walk in that direction instead. 




It’s quiet. 



A bit too quiet. 

Should I perhaps start a conversation? ….

Actually we are strangers. We just met… and we barely know each other. 

But still, we get along. We will get along. I have that feeling.

There was a spark, and we connected. I feel he is a companion and friend. 

(Was i always this sociable?… It must be Henri-kun if anything at all.)

Giggling to myself for a bit. I decide to strike up a conversation. 

“How were you getting by while living in a human village Henri-kun?” 

“.. I mostly did mercenary and adventuring work. Taking up quests to subjugate monsters.”

“Oh? ”


“There’s an adventuring concept in this world. Huh” I muttered quietly to myself, but it seems i was heard. Henri-kun is giving me a perplexed look. 

“Ayumi-sama.. Are you not from around here? And your power. It is not something any simple being can do. Are you actually…… A demon?”

Oh ho. He finally asked. I guess he would get a bit more curious. 

“Well, I am not a demon. And I guess you could say I am not from here. But my purpose is to be just a simple traveler. My only goal is to see what I haven’t seen.” 

“I see. That’s  v-growwwl- ”

What(lol)? Did his stomach just growl? 

Oh my, he’s blushing. He is so embarrassed. (LOL) 

And well, I guess he should be hungry. He did die and got revived and just walked for awhile. 

Giggling, I ask,

“Should we stop and take a rest? And maybe some hunting is needed for some quite desired food.”

“………. Yea. … I’ll do the hunting.”

Oh wow, such manly pride. Trying to hide his earlier embarrassment? 

Finding a nice spot to rest at, I stay behind while Henri-kun leaves to hunt. 

Now that we’ve stopped, I’ve begun to notice that I don’t feel the need to eat. I’m not hungry at all. 

Most likely due to me not being human. Sigh. I wonder can I even age? 

I wonder what he is going to catch..

Looking upwards, I watch the clouds roll by. Such peace, the sky surely is really beautiful no matter where you are. 



After about an hour has passed with no sound of Henri-kun at all. I start to grow a bit worried. What’s taking him so ling? Where is he? How long does it take to find an animal to eat…

.. Could he be in trouble? He mentioned that he fought monsters before, so he shouldn’t be weak….
Something must have occurred. 

Manipulating the mana around me, I enact a searching magic to find Henri-kun. 

This magic is simple, it finds and locks on to a person’s magical signature and then pinpoints and directs you towardstheir exact location. Everyone has a different magical signature. Making this magic 100% accurate. 


Where is he. Following the flow of magic. I set out to find him. 

He better be safe, I didn’t bring him back from the dead for naught.


1- Maa means like an “okaaaay” in a sense.

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