Well. Whatever Chapter 3

Note by me: Its a post now! I’m gonna start posting the chapters instead of chapters as pages! Also. My hands still broken… But my spark has awoken! And I must continue the next of this story… The next parts been haunting me. 


This forest is really clean and nice. Looking around I notice that there are quite a variety of medical herbs nearby.

This is actually a treasure trove of herbs. I wonder why there’s no one around living here. Is this world undeveloped…? The answer comes instantly after thinking for awhile. And the answer is yes. The humans in this world right now are actually quite large in population size, but humans are weak. The humans of this world stick really close to one another, their cities and towns are dense.

Due to my knowledge I have quite an intensive understanding of where I am. I can even make a mental map inside my head… Let’s see. This forest is known as… Mmmmmm… The humans don’t really have a name of this forest. It’s uncharted territory. That’s interesting to note.


After walking around the forest for quite awhile… I notice this smell of blood.. And death..?

What is going on?

Rushing towards the source of this smell, I immediately figure out why. A boy… Mm. Not a boy, a young man is here.

He is dead.

And I can see why.

Blood is gushing from his sliced abdomen. He is bruised all over with multiple cuts to his face. His clothes, pure black pants and a long shirt wrapped around with a cloak. They are in shreds.

Moving towards him, I move his curly hair away from his face. Such a nice face.. I wonder what happened?


I know now. After moving his hair around, I notice the horns on his head, he is a demon. As well as his slightly pointed ears.

He was being pursued and persecuted by humans… He sure has run far. The nearest human settlement is 10 days away. How? Those injuries are so severe. It must be due to his physique as a demon. Someone stronger then a human.

How he has passed… It’s unsettling.

You are not dead. You will live.

I raise my hand upwards and start gathering magical power.

The magic necessary to revive is massive. If a human were to attempt this, they would die. To revert death, one must be willing to give their everything. It is that necessary. Fortunately, I am not human.

After finishing the collection of magic, my surroundings grow dim. It has even absorbed the light as nourishment for the energy.

It is done.

Finishing the necessary magic formulas and corrections. My [Life Sphere] is ready. I insert the sphere into his body.


A sudden interruption has occurred. Drawn by the smell of blood. Multiple monsters have gather in hopes of a quick meal.

I have just finished my preparations. You will not interfere.


Giving them a second glance, I soundlessly eradicate them. It’s not that hard. Hmph. They were really weak actually.

Now that they are gone, let’s continue. I insert the sphere into the man’a chest.

He starts shining with intense light. My sphere condenses as it enters him. Turning minuscule at the last moments.

Instantly his cuts heals, his bruises fade.

As an added touch, I fix his clothes.

“Mm.. Hah! *cough cough* ha! *cough* haaaah!”

He started stirring after I finished my magic and after a bit he instantly opened his eyes and started coughing.

“Ha… Ha…. Wh-where am I… Didn’t I.. Die?… My wounds… Healed?… ”

He looks around and finally notices me kneeling beside him.

“Oh? You finally noticed me? Hello. And good morning!.. Well it’s not morning now.. But still. You understand the meaning right?”

“A.. A.. Human! What do you want. Following me this far. You must hate me a lot. If you’ve come this far to kill me. I will fight back and kill you.”

He backs up and gives me a dark look.

Standing up, I look towards the sky.

“Human? I am not human. And by the way. Is that any gratitude to someone who has just saved you?  And revived you?”

“So it’s true… I was dead… Reviving someone is not something a human can do… What are you?”

“Well, let’s just leave it as I’m not human.”

“Why… Did you revive me?”

“Because I felt, that you did not deserve to die. I understood why and how you passed. You were being hunted because humans found out you were a demon. When I found you, you injuries were so severe. You did not deserve to die. And you wanted to live. And so, it was within my capabilities. I revived you.”

Mou Iiya Scene Pic

After hearing my words, he instantly went quiet. And then he went towards me and kneeled.

“My name is Henri Derik. I am a half-demon and have lived for 125 years.”

He is looking down with such a somber air, and 125? He looks around 20.

“Not once has anyone shown me such kindness as you have. I have been living in the shadows. Afraid that if I were to be found by humans I would be persecuted and killed. And recently I have met someone I had found to be my equal and trusted friend. I felt strong guilt for lying about who I always. But when she found out. I was betrayed…. Everyone I knew…. Didn’t even try to help me. They all tried to kill me… I was broken. In my heart and body as I ran.. But you showed me such genuine kindness. And so, I will swear servitude to you for eternity. You have saved my life, and now it is yours to use. Will you accept, milady?”

“Haha. You have a funny way of saying thanks. But servant? I have no need for one. Why not, friends? My name is Ayumi. Nice to meet you Henri-kun.”

Smiling, I reach my hand out for a handshake.

Henri grows wide-eyed and averts his gaze and blushes. He then takes my outstretched hand.

“… Nice to meet you…. Ayumi-sama..”

Still so polite, ever though I said I would like to be equals and friends.

Well, whatever.


Author note- awwww. The feels.  -updated note- Henri’s hair is super long and curly and it helps hide his demon horns 😀

2 thoughts on “Well. Whatever Chapter 3

  1. I like it! He’s so cute~ I just love demon guy characters. Its a unique plot to bring someone back from the dead and to be so accepting of her non-humanness. I would have thought it should be a bigger deal to go from the living to the dead, like what if his soul was already lost, but I also like that you stick to the simple, happy and cute atmosphere of your story. My other question is about her development because from her loner attitude, I really wouldn’t have expected herself to offer the friendship, but I can also tell you’re developing her as the story goes along so I’ll just enjoy the cuteness along the way :3

    Thanks for the chapters and please continue! from your previous comments on a dif novel, I hope its okay to compliment you with “Shine on!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is a loner. But it’s only due to circumstances. As said before, she was rather excessively bullied by people in her school. So she decided it’s better being alone cause “people are annoying”. I would say, she’s a tough girl that can be nice, but if you mess with her, things will end up badly.


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