Hey! Hoshiandme

I’m a web novel author I believe. Sharing my little stories out there. Come and browse. Like and spread. Share and care (for me that is)

You may refer to me whatever you may wish! (If you even know of me that is)


4 thoughts on “Hey! Hoshiandme

  1. I’ve enjoyed all your stories so far and I really like them. I almost feel embarrassed because I write similarly to you. My favorite so far is “Life Isn’t just that” but you forgot to add a comment section on it! Its really touching and I care about your stories. Please continue!

    Your stories are really cute, but I have a bad habit of getting philosophical so I was wondering if you’d humor me a bit. I was wondering if you’ve put thought into innocence and joy because your main character of LIJT kinda embodies that, putting aside a lot of shoujo leads are like that though.

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    1. Hm, I wasn’t really giving her an innocent attitude. Things are still developing for that story. Her character is more like , super nice and caring and will accept you for who you are. Not who you were. It is all about the now. Your past means nothing. And she doesn’t judge you on looks


  2. The other philosophical thingy if you don’t mind; I’ve been bothered recently that goodwill and the wish to be helpful, good-intentions if you like, can just be a form of arrogance and that it may cause more harm than good.

    I hope asking questions like these isn’t annoying.

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    1. No no, they aren’t annoying. You can keep asking lol. And we’ll in answer to your question. Goodwill can be a form of arrogance, but it’s determined by who is doing the goodwill. Some people do it to feel the superior we feeling that comes with it, while others do it just to merely help.


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